ABA Therapy Services for Ages 2 – 20
There are different types of ABA therapy services that make up your treatment plan. Each plays a key role in reaching goals and milestones. We’ve put together a little bit about each for perspective.


At the start of services, a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) will be conducted in which we review your child’s records, interview parent(s)/caregiver(s), observe your child, and conduct formal/informal assessments. We will then create a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) and identify skill acquisition goals to address specific skill deficits.


A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will be assigned to your child’s case. The BCBA is responsible for creating treatment plans and ensuring that it is carried out as intended. Supervisors will also conduct initial and ongoing assessments, analyze data, modify treatment plans as needed, write progress reports, provide ongoing training and support for your Behavior Technicians, and collaborate with other professionals working with your child.

1:1 Direct

Depending on the number of therapy hours authorized for your child, your child will have a team of 1-3 Behavior Technicians. ABA sessions can take place in the home, school, community, clinic, or via Telehealth. Behavior Technicians will work on goals that are created specifically for your child’s unique needs.

Parent Training

Parent involvement is key to the success of the program and parents are encouraged to be an active participant throughout the child’s treatment. Parent training goals are written and developed specifically for each parent. During parent training sessions, parents work 1:1 with their supervisor to learn about the principles of ABA as well as strategies to manage problem behaviors and teach skills.


If your child needs playdates to generalize learned and current skills, we will assist in finding another child who has similar goals to your child and help set up regularly scheduled playdates. A Behavior Technician will be present with each child to help facilitate the playdate and to ensure skills are generalized to peer(s).

Monthly Clinic

Each month, the clinical team (Supervisor(s), Behavior Technician, parent(s), and your child) meets to evaluate the status of all goals and make modifications to interventions to ensure that your child is making significant progress each month.
All of the programs we offer at Spectrum Behavioral Therapies are comprehensive. We have built an extraordinary and multi-faceted team of individuals to assist you and your child at every turn, milestone, and achievement.
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