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About Our Company

Spectrum Behavioral Therapies was started out of a passion to provide quality, evidence-based, individualized treatment for children and adults with autism and related disorders. At Spectrum, we make a conscientious effort to nurture a team of like-minded behavior interventionists and behavior analysts that are always putting the needs of our clients first.

At Spectrum, we hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to the quality of services. We recognize the uniqueness of each child and their family and aim to create a treatment program that fits their needs. Spectrum creates comprehensive programs that target skills in the area of social interaction, language, play, motor, academics, adaptive, cognition, and executive functioning. We implement Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and Natural Environment Training (NET) to teach skills. We understand that a skill isn’t considered “mastered” until the child is able to generalize this skill across other people and settings.

At Spectrum we believe that parent involvement is critical to treatment success as research shows “parental involvement is the one invariable factor and an integral part of the success of early intervention programs for children with autism” (Ozonoff & Cathcart, 1998). We work together with the family to provide support and training on how to manage their child’s problem behaviors and generalize skills outside of the therapy sessions.

Spectrum strongly believes in taking a team approach, including the family, in creating and implementing each of the child’s individual intervention plans. At Spectrum, we also highly encourage collaboration with other professionals (SLPs, OTs, teachers, etc.) to create maximal change.

We provide ABA therapy for children with autism and related disorders in Orange County. Give us a call to find out more about the services we offer!

Christine Oh-Sung


Christine Oh-Sung is the founder and CEO of Spectrum Behavioral Therapies (Spectrum). Growing up, she has seen the positive effects that ABA therapy had on the child and family which piqued her initial interest in this field. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of California in San Diego (UCSD) in 2008, her graduate degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2011 and became a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst in 2013. She has volunteered her time at non-profit agencies for children and adults with disabilities since 2000 and has worked at various non-public ABA agencies since 2006.

Throughout the years, Christine has gained extensive knowledge and experience working with children and adults across all functioning levels in homes, schools, and clinic settings. She values having a “family centered” approach and has worked closely with families by collaborating with and training them on implementing ABA strategies outside of therapy sessions.

Spectrum Behavioral Therapies was not just a simple career change for Christine. The decision to open her own agency was made after realizing that the focus was shifting away from the clients. Spectrum was opened in 2018 with the goal of re-establishing the importance of focusing on the client’s needs all while sharing her passion of providing the highest quality treatment to ensure each child can reach their fullest potential.

Christine continues to dedicate her time outside of Spectrum by volunteering at various non-profit organizations for people with autism and other related disorders. She educates parents on autism and ABA and trains high school and college students on how to teach and interact with children and adults with autism and other special needs.

Samantha Benedicto

Clinical Director

Samantha Benedicto is a Clinical Director at Spectrum Behavioral Therapies. Her passion for autism began while at the University of California, Irvine where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Social Behavior. During her undergraduate career, she worked in a lab conducting research regarding the early detection of autism in infants. Samantha went on to obtain her Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from the California State University, Fullerton. While obtaining her graduate degree, she also completed research related to the measurement of sensory-related behaviors.

In addition, Samantha received her Applied Behavior Analysis certificate from the Florida Institute of Technology. She has worked in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis since 2011 and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2017. Samantha is extremely dedicated to her work with individuals who have autism and enjoys working with all ages and levels. Throughout her experience in the field, she has developed a passion for teaching social skills and training current and future behavior analysts.

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